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Eliminate your Monthly Electric Bills by having the Sun produce energy for you!

The Solar Star team can provide a tailored low cost and $0 money down Solar System solution quote to eliminate or substantially reduce your monthly electric bills. The monthly payment for a Solar Star Solar System is always lower than your monthly electric bills. Request your Free Quote TODAY!

Our Solar Systems

Trying to find the Best Solar Companies in Florida? Visit us at Solar Star System and let our Local Solar Panel Power Installers Florida install a low cost and high quality solar panel system for your home or commercial property. We are a specialized company and stand out from the other Solar Companies in Florida. Our team consists of experienced Solar Power Contractors in Florida who will handle the entire job for you. We will install your low cost and high-quality residential and commercial solar panel system which will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. Due to the efforts of our Solar Panel Contractor in Florida, all your energy needs will be covered. Being one of the most trustworthy Solar System Companies in Florida we will work tirelessly to develop our services and offer a personalized approach to each of our customers.

At Solar System, our Solar System Contractors in Florida will ensure your solar panel system generates the most energy possible for your home or commercial property. As the number one Solar System Provider in Florida, we pride ourselves in designing and installing solar products in the state of Florida. We have been in this business for over 30 years and this means that we know all the ins and outs of our job. When you have a need for a Solar System Installation in Florida, just contact our team and we will do our best to provide you with the lowest priced solar panel system and the best experience. As one of the leading Solar Power Contractors in Florida, we also take into account all the possible challenges while installing your solar equipment. As a result, your solar system never gets damaged by hurricane strength Windsor humid summers So no matter where you live in Florida, we are ready to handle the whole process for you within a very short period of time so that you can power your home or commercial property with solar energy using the sun’s awesome power as soon as possible! Feel the sun’s power by requesting a free solar system quote from us!

Our Residential and Commercial Solar Systems

Our Solar Water Heating Systems

Customer Testimonials

Thanks for the good service. I want you to know that your crew of installers are exceptional and customer service oriented. Thanks.

Danny Lopez

We have nothing but praise from start to finish. From explaining the tax incentives and offering a 0% financing for the first year and the Interconnection with the Utility. Well worth it.

Brian and Shannon Angstadt

I had lots of questions in the process. And this year, from Jan to Dec, I have net overproduction of electricity which I am selling back to TECO. Not a lot, but I got to net zero, which was my goal, and then some.

Elliott Glazer

We just finished a big project and are very happy! They stick with it until everything is done to your satisfaction. They reconfigured our pool pump room with an automated system and we love it. We are already planning our next project with Kirk and his crew, we highly recommend.

Beth Golden

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